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Plants create living spaces that spark creativity, improve focus, and keep employees happy & healthy!

Mission Plant Company brings life to your business through professionally-designed living plants and plant care.

Incorporating live plants into your office attracts and retains employees in a competitive market. Mission Plant Company specializes in creating office environments where people thrive!


Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people and nature in our built environments and communities.

Biophilia -

Humans possess a need to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

Americans spend 90% of time indoors which leaves a large portion of our lives without nature. Studies have shown evidence of the positive benefits of human interaction with nature, such as:

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Whether small or large scale, living or preserved, our team is dedicated to using their knowledge of plants and biophilic design to liven your space and maintain it. We service over 400 healthy and happy plants!

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Our Indoor Plant Services:

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We make office plant rentals and maintenance EASY.

Plant Rentals + Maintenance for One Flat Monthly Fee with Annual Agreement.

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Featured Account: Morton Brown Family Wealth at City Center Allentown

We recently installed plants at Morton Brown Family Wealth at City Center Allentown’s Tower 6. It was a pleasure delivering beautiful greenery to this tasteful and fast-growing downtown office! Gallery featured below.

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