5 Detoxifying Plants You Need In Your Life

5 Detoxifying Plants You Need In Your Life

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5 Detoxifying Plants You Need In Your Life

Gina Palmeri Lapsansky

Photography by Gina Palmeri Lapsansky Gina Co Photography


Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, most indoor air is actually more polluted than outside air?


Think about what you bring into your home every day and what’s already there.


1.      You buy a new bookshelf from target.  It’s full of formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds.

2.      That container of laundry detergent not only is made of plastic, but probably has chemical residue on it, not to mention all the dyes and perfumes if it isn’t a natural product.

3.      Then you have the ‘fresh fruit’ you set on your counter that you just picked up from the grocery store.  Sadly, it’s probably covered in pesticides if you didn’t buy organic.

4.      Before you even moved into your apartment or home it was teeming with chemicals from the carpet to the flooring to the paint on your walls.  When you buy a new couch or mattress VOCs are being released every time you lay down.


It’s just not your home either.  Think about your office building where you spend a huge majority of your time.  Especially if it’s new or remodeled, it could be filled with toxic chemicals that you are breathing in every day.  Some people are so affected by these chemicals that there is a disease called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ named after it.  I myself am ultra sensitive to chemicals, formaldehyde specifically, so I am always looking for ways to detox. 


Am I saying to build a yert and live outside forever?  Well…it would help.  But for those of us who like air conditioning, there is an easy way to help clean up your home and workplace considerably from these toxins without spending a fortune on an air purifier.


Fill your home with plants.


Yes, plants can actually clean up toxins like VOCs, formaldyge, and benezene from your indoor air with miraculous efficiency.  NASA did extensive studies on the detoxification of common chemicals through plants and the results are so incredible that it makes you want to run to the local nursery and buy some greenery immediately. 


However, there are some plants out there that are way better detoxifiers than others, so take note before you head to the store.

Here are 5 Top Detoxifying Plants You Need In Your Life


1. Bamboo Palm


This plant is especially efficient in removing formaldehyde, which can be in anything from couch cushions to nail polish remover.  It also eats up benezene, which is a common ingredient in detergents and dyes.  This plant thrives in indoor temperatures with indirect bright light.





2. Philodendrons


These come in many varieties (I have the elephant ear version in my home) and are great, low maintenance detoxifying plants.  They are also very popular currently with their leaf prints on clothes and accessories, so if you want a stylish, healthy plant, this one is for you.




3.      Boston Fern


This is the highest ranked plant for removing formaldehyde.  It’s great in a hanging basket and needs water regularly, so keep an eye on it.  If you have a formaldehyde sensitivity like me, a Boston Fern might be your best bet.



4.      The Peace Lily


This one is a toxin magnet, removing acetone, tricholorethylene, beneze AND formaldehyde.  Ironic enough, the leaves themselves are toxic, so keep this one out of the way of pets.   The Peace Lily does need a little more attention, but it’s worth it for it’s incredible detoxifying powers.



5.      Snake Plant


Even though it has a scary name, the Snake Plant is awesome at absorbing formaldehyde in your home.  They also absorb carbon dioxide at night, making them a great addition to your bedroom. 




Trouble finding these detox plants for your home or office?  Enlist the help of Mission Plant Co. to bring them in for you.

 - Gina Palmeri Lapsansky of Mindfully Flourished


Follow her at Mindfully Flourished for Health & Wellness!





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