Browse our beautiful plant collection available for rental and plant maintenance services. We carefully hand select the best species of interior plants from local greenhouses to showcase in your environment.

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Minimal Light Plants

Windowless offices, cubicles, conference rooms, basements, and hallways are the perfect setting for our low light tolerant plants. Windows that are blocked by another building, foyers, stairwell landings that have no natural light but have artificial light all day are happy environments for our low light plants. Check out the Mission Plant Co. Low Light Plant Gallery to find your perfect fit!


Partial, Indirect Light

North, South, East, or West facing windows are all welcome light sources for the medium light preferred plants. We will assist in determining how far or close to the window these plants will be best placed to grow. Remember, medium light plants do not thrive in completely artificial light / windowless environments. Have window, will grow! Browse the Mission Plant Co. Medium Light Plant Gallery for your best choice.


High Light Required

South, East, and West facing windows work wonders for our bright light plants. These plants thrive in a bright atrium, sun-filled office, or bright conference room were there is sunlight all day. Browse our Mission Plant Co. Bright Light Plant Gallery and meet your new plant companion!