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Preserved Moss Walls

Moss art and moss walls are the perfect zero-maintenance and 100% natural. The moss we use is real and does not require any water or light because it has been preserved. We offer a variety of preserved mosses, driftwood, preserved foliage, such as, ferns to create your custom project.

Moss walls are installed and designed by Mission Plant Co. and require no maintenance. We offer pole, sheet, and reindeer moss to create your project in a variety of colors.

Pole Moss

Pole moss grows in small mounds, when brought together it creates a chic and modern look. When combined with other mosses or folia it adds a lush dimension to the space. It is available in two shades of green. Standard panels are approximately 2” thick.

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Reindeer Moss

Our Reindeer Moss, actually a lichen, is our most popular preserved product for both large and small applications. From natural to bold shades, Reindeer Moss comes in 17 different colors that our team uses to create unique and lush moss art designs such as frames, wall tiles, and logos. Mossart creations are made with 100% natural mosses that require no watering, light or trimming.

The moss is preserved by replacing the water in the plant with glycerine. As there is no longer any water in the plant, it will not dry out and will maintain its natural texture.

Colors Available: Dark Green, Orange, Burgundy, Charcoal, Red, Grass green, Silver gray, Ice blue, Spring green, Mint, Natural, Olive, Yellow, Pacific green, Pink, Purple, and Blue Lavender.


Minimal Light Plants

Windowless offices, cubicles, conference rooms, basements, and hallways are the perfect setting for our low light tolerant plants. Windows that are blocked by another building, foyers, stairwell landings that have no natural light but have artificial light all day are happy environments for our low light plants. Check out the Mission Plant Co. Low Light Plant Gallery to find your perfect fit!


Partial, Indirect Light Plants

North, South, East, or West facing windows are all welcome light sources for the medium light preferred plants. We will assist in determining how far or close to the window these plants will be best placed to grow. Remember, medium light plants do not thrive in completely artificial light / windowless environments. Have window, will grow! Browse the Mission Plant Co. Medium Light Plant Gallery for your best choice.


High Light Required Plants

South, East, and West facing windows work wonders for our bright light plants. These plants thrive in a bright atrium, sun-filled office, or bright conference room were there is sunlight all day. Browse our Mission Plant Co. Bright Light Plant Gallery and meet your new plant companion!


Corporate Arrangements

Add a beautiful custom floral arrangement to welcome guests for your next open house or big meeting. Congratulate a business partner or celebrate an event with flowers. Arrangements starting at $55 per arrangement and $15 delivery in the Lehigh Valley.