When clients request an interior plantscape, it requires a clear design process. A client who understands the basics of this process will appreciate what happens at each step..jpg

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Lehigh Valley-wide service

* Servicing all size businesses.

Our Process

Step 1 - Contact us on what your plant needs are and schedule your free estimate.

Step 2 - During your free estimate/consultation, we take pictures of your space, evaluate your environment, observe traffic-flow patterns, color scheme, decor, and light levels. We listen to your budget considerations and discuss your expectations. We match most any budget and beat our competitor’s pricing. Once we agree on a design concept & budget we prepare a display package for installation.

Step 3 - Utilizing all this information, we mock up the photos with plants/containers and we design a plantscape uniquely suited to your business. We then work with you to get your feedback before installation. Allow for 2-3 weeks for installation and delivery unless otherwise specified in your agreement.

Step 4 - We deliver and install your plantscape directly to you. We take special care in sourcing healthy, vibrant plants that will thrive in your environment.

Step 5 - Your professional, uniformed technician will visit every 7-10 days to assess water needs, dust, fertilize, remove any pests through organic methods, prune, and rotate the plants to orient them to the light. You will easily recognize us with our logo shirt and friendly smile!

Free Plant Replacement Guarantee - Any plant under our care that deteriorates or outgrows its space will be replaced at no charge.

Insurance  - We are commercially insured to provide on-site plant maintenance.

Payment/Cost - We charge an initial installation/delivery fee and invoice our services on a monthly basis through an annual rental agreement.